Reviews of "Stuff" Policy

As I have learned that lots and lots of blogs review things.  It can be a money making enterprise.  Books, movies, products, whatever.  I have already reviewed some things previously, including books and documentaries.  But it occurred to me that maybe I ought to have some kind of formal policy.  So here it goes:

1.  I review things for free.  No one pays me, and unless I am hired by a major publication to do so, no one will.  I review things I want to read, view, or use, and my opinion is just that:  my opinion.  You may not agree with me, and that is ok.

2.  If I am ever contacted to review a book, movie, or product, I will let you know upfront.  Of course, that has never happened, but you never know. If I am contacted to review something, I will be honest as possible about it.  If I don't like it, I will tell you. Cause hey, that's just how I roll.

3.  Generally speaking, I will probably only review things I really, really like.  The exception to that is something that I truly, honestly believe is a complete waste of time or money. 


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