Friday, May 1, 2009

The Birth of a Blogger?

I started this blog with the intention of just recording the steps that we go through to help Jonathan communicate and to record our progress over time. Sorta like a open diary/self help blog.

As time has gone on I have found it to be theraputic. And revealing... both to you and to myself. Funny, I find myself writing or confessing things here that I don't/won't necessarily say out loud. That is not to say that I don't commit a little bit of self-censorship. I confess I know that certain family and friends may read this, and I am never sure if it is ok to possibly offend them with my honesty. There are entries I have decided not to write, for fear of leaving hurt feelings or sentiment.

But lately I have been reading quite a few other blogs. They are filled with stark honesty, truthfulness, and love. The love of their child, yes, but also the love of the written word. Of writing down their stories, with all of the warts and horrors, joys and laughter. They craft these sites for deeply personal reasons, but you can tell that it is more than just babbling into cyberspace that they are doing. They are writers, storytellers, bards, poets. They take the truth of their lives and turn in into the truth of OUR lives.

I am inspired by these people and find myself wanting to make this effort more than just verbal diarrhea. I feel like a fetal writer about to be born.

So if my birth is messy, or longwinded, or boring... please forgive.


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Just Me said...

Love it! I feel the same way sometimes and have actually inadvertently offended family members. (In-laws, mainly!) But that's not for you to worry about. Why should we have to censor our own thoughts about our own lives? I love the blog, keep it up!


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