Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Game of Perfection

This is the Game of Perfection. You might remember it from childhood. The object of the game is to push down the blue platform (empty of all shape pieces), turn on the timer, and place all twenty-five tiny shapes in their places before the timer does off and throws all the shapes out.

Jonathan has this ability to amaze me.

During therapy today, this game was in the OT gym, a leftover from another child's therapy. The moment we walked in Jonathan saw the game on the floor and wanted to look at it. Our OT took the game out... sans tiny pieces... and let Jonathan explore it. He played with the timer, the buttons, and examined the shape-holes. But he knew something was missing... those tiny little yellow shapes! And he would not be diverted. Our OT (with my blessing) gave in and let him play with the tiny yellow pieces. We were on Defcon Five "mouth alert"!

Not one piece hit his mouth. Instead, they hit the shape-holes! Jonathan quickly examined the pieces, scanned the board, found the right place, and managed... with his tiny fingers... to get each shape into the correct place. He did it over and over... probably half the board.... before he had enough and wanted to move on to some other fun activity.

Meanwhile, the OT and I were nearly peeing ourselves. He is TWO! The fine motor skills and visual ability to do this task .... AMAZING. It is quite clear that whatever delays Jonathan has, this is NOT one of them. We had another OT in the room coming over to watch, all of our jaws on the floor.

Jonathan is teaching me to not underestimate him. Message received, J-Man!


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