Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kendra's Story

I am lucky to be a NICU nurse.

I am lucky to make a difference.

Not every story ends up like this...

In fact, many don't.

But I get a chance to be a part of the possible.

This is why I do what I do.

Happy Birthday Kendra!


abby said...

That's so great. I totally know, from the parent's perspective, and from talking to our NICU nurse friends, how much a good outcome means to you guys. And even a not-so-perfect outcome, like our own, is pretty damned amazing when you stop and think about it. Ten years ago (or whenever the pre-surfactant days were) it would have been highly unlikely for a 23 weeker like Hallie to survive and, more or less, even thrive. I am very glad that you do what you do.

Betsey said...

Touching video. As a fellow NICU nurse I love these inspiring stories. Of course as we both know the outcomes aren't always the best, but I tend to be on the more optimistic side. I have seen many NICU nurses who can be so negative about the possible outcomes of these little ones. They in no way can predict the future of these little miracles. Only God can.


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