Saturday, January 22, 2011

Proudly Flying Those Green Flags!

Don't hate, my Vikings friends.
I gotta have some team to cheer for!
Go Pack Go!

Ok, I am a Vikings fan... sadly... but my Number 2 team is the Packers.  So here is hoping they make it to the Big One.

Regardless of whether or not the Packers go all the way, it doesn't matter.  We are flying some pretty big Green Flags in this house.  But these are Green Flags a la Jman. 

Increased Imitation: Check
Increased Turn Taking: Check
Increased Communication: Check
Increased Shared Enjoyment: Check Check
Increased and more effective vocalizations:  Check Check Check

Today, we played "Buzz Lightyear Kicks a Stormtroopers Booty", "Spiderman and Batman Crash Cars", and had our own Wrestlemania session.  Long, sustained, appropriate interactive play.  Last week, J-man blew us away at speech therapy with his engagement, his requesting, his reciprocal play, his shared enjoyment and giant smile, and his willingness to even work on articulation tasks while in the midst of his play.  His vocal attempts at communication are off the chart... intelligibility very slowly increasing... but let's face it:  It is still a 50/50 deal.

Of course, there is also an uptick in frustration and temper tantrums.  And he isn't too fond of the limit setting I have started to enforce hardcore.   But doesn't that go with the territory?  In fact, I think that also deserves a Check!

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John and Allie Fields said...

Way to go J-Man and way to go Mama for focusing on those green flags!


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