Thursday, February 3, 2011

J-man's Attempt at Persuasion

I might be in the running for the meanest mom in the world.

Yesterday was J-man's 4th birthday, and how did we celebrate?

A trip to the doctor's office, of course.

Yep, meanest mom in the world.

J-man and I have been sharing a cold since Christmas (I swear, it's true). Last week mine settled in my chest and brewed into a full-on bout of bronchitis. And of course, it was J-man's turn. So after a (crabby) speech session and lunchtime pizza at his favorite pizza place, I whisked J-man off to our pediatrician

As we pulled into the parking lot, J-man started to cry. "No no no" he called out.

I told him, "No owies... don't worry... no owies!"

He did not believe me.

Crying, he said, "Ar-get??" (Target)

"No honey, later... after doctor." I said.

As I carried him into the building he asked (still crying) "P-izza?".

"No honey, we just had pizza" I told him. Ugh, for any other event we'd have been out of there. But he clearly was sick and needed some antibiotics.

In the elevator, still crying, he pleaded "C-ar? C-ar?", adding the sign for maximal effect.

Heart is breaking here people. Breaking!

In the office, "Go bye-bye, gooo bye byeee".

In the room, still crying, he passes me his coat over and over, hoping I will put it on.  I manage to distract him a little with finger bowling on my phone, but it doesn't last. The doctor comes in, takes on good listen of his chest, and we are on our way with a script in hand. As we left, tears all gone, J-man says to the doctor, "Bye Bye!". And we left calmly and happily... on our way to Target.

Aside from the fact that I felt like Mommy Dearest on the way in, I was also heartily impressed at all the verbal attempts he made to make his wishes know. He tried multiple techniques, different options, and persisted even when mommy said no. He used spontaneous verbalizations. And he did it all while he was in a serious state of unrest.

And yes, he did get a toy at Target.

I am not beneath bribing J-man for his love.


Madmother said...

Oh, they pull at the heartstrings, don't they? Happy Birthday J-man from across the seas.

Ange said...

I know I always end up saying this, but man, this takes me back. 4-years-old, even. The doctor visit was on our "irrational fears" list until about 5 1/2. It's why I think I'm fascinated by obstacle course races now, six years later. The hardcore ones, with electric wires hanging down and you have to run through...I think that's what the experience was like. It's that way for all parents with small kids to some degree, but even more so when your kid can't spit it out, and very few have any patience...

The fact that you felt like the meanest mother proves you're one of the best.

And happy birthday J-man! SO sorry you were sick on your birthday, but you are doing great, buddy. Learning how to express your fears is just as important as all the lovey dovey stuff (even more so). You have great parents (and I hope mommy feels better, too).

Healing vibes--but I'm really excited for you, too. Get ready for exponential greatness happening ...

Pia said...

Antibiotics are a thing of beauty. My sweet boy is BACK!

Sky said...

oh your not the meanest mom, not in a long shot... Love your post, he was telling you over and over, Im glad it was a quick trip like you told him, and that he has the meds to start feeling better!

Caitlin Wray said...

Ugh - he's breaking MY heart! In the book of Caitlin's Parenting Tips, a trip to a toy store after a wee bit of trauma, makes you a GREAT mama :)


kate hopper said...

I agree with Caitlin! So glad he's feeling better!


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