Thursday, February 2, 2012

Six More Weeks of Winter?

Five years ago today, J-man was born.  The high that day was -10 F below zero.  It was Groundhog's day.  Clearly, when Mr Groundhog poked his head out and saw it was -10 below zero, he turned his furry butt around and said "c-ya in six weeks, suckers!"  Every year since, Mr Groundhog has poked his head out, gave the skies an evil eye, and high-tailed it back underground for six more weeks of winter.  Withdrawing and hibernating in his little cave.

According to the folks in Pennsylvania, Mr Groundhog did the about face again today.  Six more weeks of winter.

But I beg to differ, Phil.  I feel spring in our air.  I see J-man starting to bloom.  I think our winter is nearly over and we are going to be seeing the sun.  So go hide in your hole, Phil, if you need to.

We are emerging.

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