Sunday, February 24, 2013

An Update Owed

I haven't had much blogging time lately.  I miss it.  Blogging lets me keep track of progress, of change, and of those stories that are just so Jman.  But I've been stretched a little too thin with work, therapy, Jman, and all that jazz... so here is a little update for those who are wondering what is that crazy boy up to:

Swimming Lessons

I decided to try Jman at swimming lessons, because he really does need some basic skills.  We found a school (Foss for you locals) that provides private lessons, and because he is on the spectrum and is not able to do a regular class (yet!), we got the lessons for half off.  Now that is being special needs friendly!!!  (Note:  still crazy expensive.  But if we can get Jman swimming.... totally worth every penny!!!)

Birthday Parties

I know what everyone was doing 6 years and 9 months ago!!!  What IS it with February birthdays?  We have been to three parties so far, with Jman having his own as well.  And might I say, so far he has done A-MAZ-ING.


We did it.  We got busing for Jman.  It wasn't quite the struggle I thought it would be, and it was far more psychologically traumatizing for Big Daddy and myself than it was for Jman.  In fact, he is completely taking it in stride.  For us and our life... this is a HUGE time saver and life saver.  Details to come, but lets just say that for now, we are very happy.

And some FUN too...

He used to hate snow.
Take that, snow!

Joined the Power Rangers

And Fell in Love

Just a little update!  Hope you enjoyed it!

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Kim said...

Love that last pic! Adorable! Glad the busing and swimming lessons are going well for Jman. (We love Foss too!)


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