Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Phone Conversation

My hubby called me this morning for a quick update.  He put the phone on speaker and here is the conversation with Jman:

Me:  Hi buddy!
Jman:  Hi mom
Me:  How are you?
Jman:  Good!  It is almost Monday!
(Dan in background) : you mean Saturday.
Jman:  It is almost Saturday!
Me:  Yeah, I know!!  Are you going to have a good day today?
Jman:  Yup!  See you later mom!
Me:  Ok, bye.

This normal phone conversation brought to you by over 3000 hours of therapy and one awesome kid.

You know what autism gives you?  Perspective. On what is really important.  No matter what the step, what the milestone, I appreciate every single one.

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