Friday, August 14, 2009

With the Signs come..

.... more vocalizations. A LOT more vocalizations.

Suddenly Jonathan gets that sounds/vocalizations and signs "get me things".

Signing '' while standing at the door: Let's go outside.

Signing 'more.. please' while saying "Bub" with mom holding bubbles: Blow more bubbles woman!

Signing 'help' while saying "Huu" : Help me already.
Signing 'help' while saying "Up mam" : Get out of bed and lets go downstairs.

For those on Sign Watch, our new signs include:
Milk (used for juice too)
All done
Choo-choo Train

For those on Word Watch, here are a few new words/vocalizations:

Ish (Fish)
Huu (Help)
Mam (Mom)
Star (really, star?!?!)
Bubb (Bubbles)
Bo (Boat)

So much progress in so little time!! It is fabulous! Of course, we still have a long way to go but it is so encouraging to see that something is changing for the better for once!!!

Alas, with the signs come..... temper tantrums. The J-man has always been good at them... he has a flare for the dramatic. But their frequency has increased. I am chalking it up to his newly discovered language skills. He has enough 'language' to understand the concept "language gets me things".... but not enough to have all the tools to get his point across. PLUS, he is now starting to realize that even though his words have power.... mommy can still say 'no'.

And that just pisses him off.

I just love it.


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