Monday, March 22, 2010

Why Easter Reminds Me of Donnie Darko

I took the J-man to the mall today. There is a pet store, and while I loathe the housing of animals in pet stores, and puppy mills, and all that ickyness.... J-man loves puppies. So we dropped by the mall just to take a look-see.

The Easter Bunny display was there for pictures. I think the Easter Bunny is creepy. I mean, really creepy. So I had no interest or desire to get J-man on the Bunny's lap for creepy picture. And let's face it: Given his response to Santa, I didn't think the Bunny would have much of a prayer.

Oh silly mommy, how wrong you are.

There was no line, so the Bunny keepers wooed him over. I said, with great confidence, that he probably would be freaked out and would want nothing to do with the Bunny. And how wrong I was. He ran up to the Bunny and giggled. The Bunny keepers suggested he give the Bunny "five", and he did it. Then they suggested that maybe they could get a picture of J-man sitting next to the Bunny.


And then on the Bunny's lap.

And maybe J-man could feed the Bunny.

As we left, J-man gave the Bunny a hug. Apparently J-man has never seen Donnie Darko. Good thing!


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