Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gravity Pulls You In

I have been asked to participate in the Best of the Best Blogger Book Review and Giveaway!  Numerous bloggers are getting together and reviewing books that they have have particularly helpful and moving.  Please check out all of the wonderful reviews, and hopefully get yourself a free book!!

As you know, I do have a policy of reviewing materials.  So in the spirit of full disclosure, my choice for the Book Review is one in which I already have some personal connection with:  Gravity Pulls You In: Perspectives on Parenting Children on the Autism Spectrum (Eds: Kyra Anderson and Vicki Forman).  One of the editors, Vicki Forman, is a friend of mine and has written one of the best memoirs I have ever read, This Lovely Life.  I have previously reviewed it here.  So when this book came out I was fairly sure it would be brilliant. 

And it is.

Gravity Pulls You In is a series of hauntingly honest and poignant essays and poems reflecting the experiences of parents raising their children on the spectrum.  This is not an advice or treatment book.  This book will not necessarily be the "chicken soup for your soul". Nor is it a book of rants by disgruntled parents. Instead, these are carefully crafted and honest reflections that will touch you deeply.  Every time I read one of these pieces I grow a stone in my throat, my eyes mist, and my heart is squeezed rather painfully. Prepare to be moved.

I recommend a bottle of wine with this book.  Yes, the whole bottle. 

And in the spirit of the Best of the Best Blogger Book Review and Giveaway, I will draw a name from those who comment here (or drop me an email if you are shy) and that lucky person will get their very own copy of Gravity Pulls You In.  But you only have until April 30th to respond!!!


Just Me said...

I've never heard of that book but it sounds like something I could use right about now! I'll have to check it out. Either way, I might take that bottle of wine advice! ;)

Leightongirl said...

Thank you, for everything!

Heather said...

It sounds like a wonderful book.. thanks for the chance to win it!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for letting us share in your journey. It helps to read about J-man and realize that we're not alone. I'll definitely be checking out this book!

K- floortime lite mama said...

Sounds awesome
I adore Kyra !

suelmayer said...

Sounds like a great book!

Martianne said...

Oo. I would like to read this and then share it with a friend. not sure I'll drink the wine, though. ;) Thx for the chance to win it. mmstangerjunk (at) comcast (dot) net


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