Sunday, January 15, 2012

Highlight It Blue

So, I had this genus idea.  Dye my hair blue for April, which is Autism Awareness month.  In reality, it is because I am over 40 and want a reason to do something super funky with my hair.... Cause, you know, forty year old mommies can't just dye their hair blue for FUN.  

Autism Speaks has a campaign they do every year for Autism Awareness month called "Light it up Blue for Autism".  They encourage people to change the exterior lights of their homes to blue to display support and encourage awareness. 

Dude, we live on a circle.  We have maybe 6 neighbors who would see it.  Not enough!  Plus, how am I suppose to educate ANYONE on autism with a blue light?  Like someone is gonna stop at my house and say "hey, what is up with the blue light?".   No, we need something more "in your face".  Something I carry with me.  Something out of character.  

Blue hair. 

And one thing led to another and....  allow me to reveal my latest effort:


Highlight It Up Blue for Autism 
Creating Autism Awareness while looking Super Fly
Highlight It Up Blue is a local autism awareness campaign and fundraising event that we are looking to launch at the beginning of April.  
The Purpose:  Provide people opportunities to learn and educate about autism through sporting funky blue hair extensions for the month of April.  
How it works:  For a small donation to United for Autism, participants will have blue hair extensions placed in their hair by our volunteer professional hairstylists.  They will also be given education materials about autism, and be encouraged to spread the word about autism: what it is, how it affects children and adults, and how we can help.  We will encourage these participants to pass on the word by educating their friends, family and even perfect strangers about the purpose of their super-fly blue hair extensions.  
Who it is for:  Anyone!!  Old or young, male of female!  (well, I guess you do need hair?)  Let me know if you want to be on our email update list to participate!!!
Wanna help?  Contact me  We are still looking to solidify a location for this event!  Volunteers welcome! (Super Fly poster draft done by Tahni Cullen.)

As you can see, I am still in the beginning stages!  In addition to a awareness campaign, I have also decided to use it as a fundraising effort for United for Autism, a local group providing support to families dealing with autism in their lives.  They do education, seminars, and provide sensory friendly activities for our ASD loved ones.  How cool is that!  I am keeping it local, cause you know... that is how I roll.  But if you live elsewhere and want to blatantly steal my idea, go for it!!!  Wouldn't it be cool if there was a whole lot of blue haired old ladies (or men) running around in April?!  And by blue, I mean BLUE!

FEEDBACK PLEASE!!  Thoughts and ideas!!!!  Yes, YOU!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the idea. I'm a teacher and I just know me having blue in my hair would generate discussion.

Michelle said...

This is such a great idea! I live in Canada and would love to start something like this here. How did you go about getting organized?

Pia said...

HA! Well, I am not organized YET. I am trying to find a location to hold it still. But have have 3-4 hairstylist willing to donate their time, I have priced out the extensions, chose our charity to fundraise for, and we are starting to consider the details. It is pretty grassroots... i.e., me and a couple of friends at this point. But hey, would't it be SWEET if it took off.... a lll over the country!! OR in this case, countries. :) If you like, when I finalize our plans I could send you a simple write up and you could try and do something local yourself! :)

Michelle said...

That would be great! Thanks Pia! We have our monthly autism group meeting next monday so I'll bring up the idea. Hopefully everyone things this would be fun.

Pia said...

Great! Just get me your email and I will forward it all to you when it makes sense! :)

Kim Donahue said...

Love, love love! Blue extension, here I come!

Lauren Alissa Hunter said...

Brilliant idea, and I love the poster! Seriously though, blue hair is much more of a conversation starter than blue porch lights—I would have just assumed you’d gotten a great discount on colored bulbs or something. Or that you’re a weirdo. But blue hair is something I’d probably have to ask about.

Poster is very eye catching as well.

Allison said...

Great idea! I think I will have to steal that one! Please continue to post details and good luck!


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