Friday, January 27, 2012

What No One Ever Told Me

You know....

... when you dream about having kids there are many things that you never think of.

You know you won't get a lot of sleep. You will probably be a little poorer in the wallet (but richer in the heart, of course).   Your relationship with your spouse will become different.  Your time will not be your own.  And of course, you know that you will change.

But there are some things... some specific things... that just never occurred to me.  Believe it or not, it wasn't autism.  That actually did occur to me.  Heck, I am an NICU nurse with multiple degrees in developmental psychology...  I am sure you can't even begin to guess the number of different things that did occur to me.   I promise you... I over thought the whole thing.

But boy, I missed some stuff.

Like Power Rangers.

Did you know there are 17 different Power Ranger series?  Not shows.... series!  Did you also know that you can get all of them on Netflix streaming?  Yes, you can.  And did you know that... if you watch them often might actually begin to rate your favorites?  Become involved in plot lines?  Slowly see your brain cells whittled down to the point where you actually keep watching it even when the kid has left the room?

So tonight I was hanging out with the J-man watching the newest series he has discovered (Power Rangers Wild Force), when a thought crossed my mind.

'Hey', I thought, ' I wonder if any of these actors ever did anything else after they were a Power Ranger?  I mean, all those Disney kids get contracts to eventually be in some movie... but the Power Rangers?  I don't think I have seen any of them go on to fame and fortune.  Is being a Power Ranger the kiss of death for one's acting career?'

I couldn't get this thought out of my head.  Big Daddy said "Google it", so I did.

Did you know that Wikipedia has an exhausting source of information on the Power Rangers?  And every Power Ranger actor there has been?  I found myself doing research about what other shows the Power Rangers actors have done outside of the Power Rangers domain.  I stuck mostly to my favorite series, Power Rangers Jungle Fury.

(Yes, I have a favorite series.  Don't judge!)

What I learned was that most of them went on to do other kids shows or some more B-rated stuff.  You know, the "straight to video" stuff.  But then, I discovered that my favorite Power Ranger,

(Yes, I have a favorite.  Weep for me)

Wolf Ranger RJ... aka David de Lautour..  is in the new Fox series Touch.  Which is coincidentally a show about an autistic child whose ability to see patterns gives him some kind of superhuman ability to predict the future. I haven't seen the show yet, so I have no idea if it is any good.  Anyhow...

And I feel like I have come full circle.

Then I realize I have spent a good chunk of time cruising the Internet looking up the career paths of Power Ranger Jungle Fury actors, and know that I really need a life.


Lord help me.


AutismWonderland said...

Haha - I love this! I feel this way about a few shows myself ;)

And I watched Touch the other night...but don't remember this guy.

Niksmom said...

Hahahaha! Isn't it funny the things our children turn us on to and the things which resonate with us? I'm impressed; now I know who to turn to when I have Power Ranger trivia questions. ;-)

Tameika Meadows said...

Hilarious! Love your blog

Moonpie said...

stumbled onto your blog doing exactly the same thing (researching of any rangers moved onto other things) mainly because one of my favourite shows Flashpoint about a SWAT team stars Amy Jo Johnson one of the original 5 rangers


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