Friday, August 10, 2012

don't speak too loudly, but...


hey you...  shhhh....

i only dare whisper lest i jinx things....

but i wanted to tell you about our amazing iep experience.

it was good.  it was great.  it has set the stage for good things.
my doubts about the school and their commitment to jman have been soothed.

it SHOCKED me.  okay okay, shhhhhhh..... can't speak too loudly.

the team was amazing.  the team wants to do right by jman.
the kindergarten teacher has a plan.
a real plan.
a well thought out plan.
jman got a para.  a full time para.
jman has a speech therapist;  one who is willing and eager to talk to his private speech therapist.
jman has visual schedules.
jman has a calm room.
jman has a token system and visual supports.
jman has a sensory plan.

jman starts kindergarten on monday.  MONDAY.

i know, i know.

monday is coming... three days and counting... and we launch.
and with all the good and the great, mommy is still scared.
freaked out.
and hopeful.


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Tahna said...

That is AWESOME!!


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