Friday, July 3, 2009

Updates of a Completely Unrelated Nature

The last few weeks have been crazy with a Capital K.

Update #1: New House

We moved! We bought a house! We own a single-family home in suburbia! And yes, we still own the townhouse, a situation that fills me both with dread and freak-out-ed-ness. The decision was made to rent out the townhouse for a few years until (hopefully) the market improves (or we save enough money) to sell it. But we shall see… who knows what the next years shall bring us!?

In the meantime, I have decided to be in love with our new house. And I am totally in love. The view is lovely (lots of green and trees) and the space is perfect. We are sllllooowwly settling in. Jonathan loves it too… big back yard and lots of room to run. He drags me to the door constantly to go outside.

Update # 2: More and Go

We officially have TWO signs now: More and Go. ‘More’ has turned into the sign Jonathan uses for everything he wants. EVERYTHING. Which I had been warned about… that kiddos will default to the “more” sign when they want things. But that is ok. Intentional communication, even if it is simple, is better than nothing at all.

“Go” started and picked up speed almost immediately! Generally, it is preceded by my prompt of “Ready-Set-…” , but not always! Occasionally he will give the sign “Go” when mom is just too darn slow for his taste. The other day at the park Jonathan pushed me towards the swings and wanted me to sit on one. I did, and he signed “GO”. So I started swinging and he laughed and laughed.


Update #3: The Response to the Letter

Because many of you have emailed me wanting an update to our Speech/OT Clinics response to The Letter, I thought I would pass it on.

Essentially, we never heard from them.

So, last week… my ‘pair’ being shy…. I sic-ed Dan on them. Dan called the clinic and spoke with M. He asked her if she received the email and wanted to talk to her about it. He told me later he got the distinct impression she was reading it as they were speaking. Anyway, the sum total of the discussion was that their position was that too many families were canceling and they needed to implement a tough policy. She stated that this policy was for more ‘problem’ families, but they needed a blanket policy to address it. Dan explained our position AGAIN, but she wouldn’t budge. So basically Dan told her that was fine, but as soon as this policy gets to be a problem for us we will start shopping for new services elsewhere.

Suddenly she budged. A little. Not wanting to lose business, I am sure, she asked us to please please talk to her if it became a problem and something could be worked out. Ahh-haaa…

I feel for the families who don’t know they can challenge policies like this. I feel like, in any other business, if there is a policy that in unreasonable the customer can easily say ‘Screw you” and go elsewhere. But when you are dealing with children (special needs or not), the game changes. And when it comes to therapy… which I believe the relationship between child and therapist is very important… you just don’t want to uproot the child. So I think parents are inclined to suck it up and not make waves. I say… MAKE WAVES!!! I don’t want to take him out of therapy, but I will challenge this policy.


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cokalea said...

All I have to say is They SUCK and You ROCK!!!!
(and your DH rocks also)


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