Thursday, July 23, 2009

Viva La Different

Dan called me at work tonight with a cute story about J-man. Cute and kinda sad.
We are still in the process of meeting our neighbors. Tonight my hubby took J-man outside in the front yard and our neighbors across the street were out with their two-year-old boy. Up until this point we have only done the ‘wave and smile’ with these folks.

The little boy came up and said ‘Hi’ to J-man… how very appropriate. And J-man… being J-man… basically ignored the little boy’s existence and ran around. Dan took J-man to the little boy and tried to get him to say hi. J-man finally noticed the boy and…instead of saying ‘hi’ of course… leaned into the boy and gave him a J-man Kiss. (The J-man Kiss is a pursed-lip-lean-into-you kiss. No slobber involved.)

How cute is THAT?!

Apparently, the mom did not think it was that cute. Dan said she seemed a little freaked out. She hustled her little boy away with a‘nice to meet you’.

Hmmm… I guess we won’t be invited for a playdate?

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