Monday, September 14, 2009

As the Green Snot Flows...

What, Me Worry??

Jonathan is starting a preschool daycare this week.

Not the original fabulous place we had hoped for; alas, that place required that we also provide a PCA or Respite Care worker, and we could not afford that. So, we decided to look around some more and found our new preschool daycare: Jack and Jill Child Development Center. What won us over here? They incorporate Sign Language in ALL of their classes. That is a definite plus. Also, because it is in our school district, our Early Intervention teacher can work with him there. A BIG plus!

So why am I worried?

Probably because I am an overprotective, hyper-controlling, crazy mom?

We visited today for the first of two 'transition days'. The first day (today) we visit the room and let him play with the kids. Tomorrow (day two) I drop him off for an hour and see how it goes. On Thursday he has his first official day. I think my heart might stop.

Today went well. He had fun, and even sat down for circle time (albeit not in a circle... more in the middle of the circle). However, two key things made me a little nervous:

1) Snot. LOTS of snot. Clear snot, green snot, wet sloppy SNOT. Now, intellectually, I KNOW that he will get sick from all this exposure to other kids. This is just inevitable. And no doubt it will do wonders for his immune system. J-man has always been lucky to be very healthy. But soooo much snot..... what are we asking for?!?!?!

2) The Toys. And no, this isn't a tangent on the whole snot-germ relationship. The fact is, we are starting Jonathan out in the intermediate toddler room. We are doing this because the teacher-child ratio is lower, and they don't have expectations that he has a CLUE to what he is doing. They are there to teach circle time, basic routines, etc etc. And many of their kids are also new language learners. So we are hoping this room holds the best possible situation for his early socialization and language.

BUT... and I rarely get to say this.... he is WAY more advanced than their toys. He plays with legos and duplos, not big blocks. He does 24 piece interlocking puzzles, not wooden five piece non-interlocking puzzles. He plays with interlocking train sets, putting together the rails and train together. He plays on big kid slides and climbers, and will want to go on those instead of the 'baby area'.

So, I am extremely hopeful that he adjusts wonderfully, learns routines like a champ, and can 'graduate' to the preschool room before too long.

Where he belongs.

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Corinn said...

Saw your comment on Rob's blog and thought I'd drop by. Hi. ;-)

I've worked with autistic kids... and happen to BE one! I'm sure you've exhausted Dr. Google, but have you been able to talk to many people who know something about it? I'm not about to give a Welcome to Holland speech (I love the story, but I'm sure you're sick of it by now), but I thought I could offer some reassurance, at least.

-Corinn (feel free to message me if you catch me on!)


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