Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Quick Recommendation: The Signing Time DVDs

I would love to take credit for the small vocabulary explosion that Jonathan has had over the past 3 months, but I can't. At least, not completely.

And I would love to say that all the therapy over the past year and a half was what did it.

I can't say that either.

However, I can say that since Jonathan started watching the Signing Time DVDs (we received 4 of them as a wonderful hand-me-down from some friends), he has learned nearly every sign on each of the DVDs. He doesn't used them ALL in context, but we have seen him sign back to the TV when he is watching them.

Today he signed "cheese" to ask for more cheese.

He TOTALLY learned that from the video.

So, Signing Time DVDs are teaching my son language. Go figure.

If anyone has an extra $750.00, we would love to get the whole collection. Heck, we'd go for even the full first series!!

Got hand-me-downs?? We'll take them! We aren't picky or proud!


Leightongirl said...

My friend Beth LOVES these!!!

Corinn said...

Little late, but checked eBay? I found a LOT of them pretty cheap!

/ASL fan

Pia said...

Hi! Yep, actually, I just got some off of e-bay. they were just delivered a couple days ago and the J-man is in Signing Time heaven. When these have been absorbed I will probably have to get more!


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