Monday, September 7, 2009

The Sound of Music

J-Man at 10 months: What a cutie!

Jonathan and I were watching one of his favorite movies yesterday, Wall-E. I am not sure what his attraction to this movie is, but I do think the relative LACK of dialog in the first half of the movie is a plus. I know he loves the expressions that Wall-E shows; the movement of his robot eyes, the quickness of his actions, the 'vocalizations' he makes.

And the music. Specifically, the soundtrack from 'Hello Dolly' that provides the background music for the movie.

As we watched the movie for about the 1000th time, I started to sing along to the movie "....if only, for a moooo-ment, to be looooved a whole life loooooong...." Or something like that. And Jonathan became utterly fascinated with my singing. He opened my mouth wider, looked inside as if to find where this noise was coming from. Now in the spirit of full disclosure, he may have been wondering how the human mouth could make such a god-awful noise. But he seemed to be honestly trying to find out where the sounds was coming from.

Slowly, I sang the refrain over and over again. He opened and closed my mouth, peered inside, and eventually brought his mouth close to mine, opened his and emitted a tiny "ahhhhh".

He was trying to sing!

I realized then that I have never heard Jonathan sing. Not even random sounds to music. He has never even tried. He listens to it, and thinks it is great when we sing, but he never has tried to make the sounds himself.

Until now.

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Cathy Moore said...

This is SOOO sweet... I love it!


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