Monday, December 28, 2009

GEMM, Kicking @ss and Taking Names

When GEMM rears her head, it is rarely a welcome thing.

However, sometimes her fire is just what is needed.

As I suspected months ago, the attendance policy at Family Speech became a problem. After 6 months of not missing ONE Speech or OT session, Jonathan got sick last week. He oozed green stuff out of his eyes and nose. He ran a fever of 102. He ended up on antibiotics for the second time in his life. He missed one session. ONE!

I called the day before and told them he was sick with fever and oozy green stuff. The receptionist (whom I admit annoys the crap out of me) immediately said, "So when would you like to reschedule to avoid the cancellation fee?". I proceeded to inform her... yet again... that we felt that the policy was unreasonable. She was unmoved. I informed her that we already attend twice a week and the other two days he is in daycare all day. I said the only time he could possibly come was after 4pm on those days.

"Couldn't he miss daycare one of those days?"


"Well, I guess we just have to put you on the waiting list for a cancellation."

Well, swell. Just what I want, to sit on some waiting list to make up a session with a therapist Jonathan doesn't know for a session we really don't need to make up.

Emails flew. Voice mails were left. And management would not budge on the policy.

Well, that is not entirely true. The manager stated that they could make "an exception" to the policy if no time could be found to make the session up. And that is when it hit me... basically, this whole policy is about control. Now, for them, they want to control their money stream. They want to be the one who call the shots. They want the power to decide what is.. and is not... a 'good excuse'. And they want us to bend over and bow to their will.

So we quit.

What they failed to realize is that they really don't have any more control then we give them. They can create all the policies they like, but WE control the purse. I am so angry that there hasn't been a general uprising by the other parents who attend their office. Most of them probably assume they have no control, no choices... just what the management wants. Talk about taking advantage of vulnerable families.

With GEMM on my side, I am absolutely determined to not allow people more power over our family then absolutely necessary. I encourage all to do the same.

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