Sunday, December 27, 2009

On Being Brave

Recently I was Therapy Dog shopping online.

Actually, not shopping. It isn’t like you can get on Ebay and get a therapy dog. I was actually just looking at therapy dog programs specifically for children with developmental delays. I had gone to a parent support group last week and several parents had therapy dogs for their children. One parent talked about how the dog helped with calming during tantrums, the other with communication issues and safety. It was an interesting discussion because I had been thinking for several weeks that a dog might be good for Jonathan. I hadn’t thought as far as a specially trained therapy dog, but nonetheless something appeals to me about the idea of a dog companion for our family.

So, as I am cruising the Internet, I find this video:

I was speechless and in tears. So much about this boy… his face, his smiles, history…reminds me of Jonathan. Not everything, mind you. I would guess that this boy’s need for a therapy dog is greater than the J-man's. Jonathan does not have the same issues. But this video and its song spoke to me.
"... the way it always was... just isn't good enough... you make me want to be Brave..." (what a wonderful song)

Being brave means doing what you need to do to help your child. Being brave means living with grief. Being brave means having every kind of hope. Being brave means being more than you thought you could be. Being brave also means loving and laughing in spite of... or maybe even because of... the frustrations you experience. I am meeting such wonderful, brave people on this journey of ours.

So, will we get a Therapy Dog? What do YOU think we should do? Most of the Therapy Dogs are quite expensive (think thousands of dollars)... and our needs right now are small. There is a local place that does some companion dogs that I am looking into. But allow me to encourage YOU to look into these organizations and consider donating a little tax-deductible coin toward the efforts. When you read some of these stories .... oiy, my heart!!

For Whit: (Our local place)

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