Monday, May 3, 2010

Defiance, thy name is J-man

Markers + J-man = The Joker

"They" talk about the Terrible Two's.

What the heck do "they" know?

A little story.

J-man has decided, for reasons known only to him, that he doesn't want to get dressed.  Or undressed.  It doesn't seem to be a clothing choice, or some sort of sensory thing. It feels more like a mental 'middle finger' at me....  Mom, I don't want to do what you want me to do...  if you get my meaning. 

So the other day I decided that it was no longer gonna be a wrestling match to get him dressed in the morning.  He was going to participate, by golly!  After a fairly routine chase around the living room, dining room, kitchen and office, I had him cornered. 

"Pants on", I said directly.

"Whiiiiinnnnneee", J-man responds.

"Pants on! Foot in!", I insist.

"Nonononononono", insists J-man

And round and round and round we went for the next 20 minutes or so.  And finally, exhausted and completely willing to admit I suck at being a parent, I wrestle the pants on him.  J-man proceeds to throw a fit on the floor while I leave the room and do some deep breathing in the kitchen. 

About three minutes later, J-man comes into the kitchen.  He looks directly at me, yells, and takes his pants off.  Defiantly!  I sit on the floor, exasperated, and say/sign to him "Mommy is MAD".  I give him my most angry mom look at turn my face away.  He leans his head on my shoulder and pats it gently. He tries to pull my face back into his view. His eyes gaze up at me with this look of "let's make up, mom".  He tries to wriggle into my arms so he can give me a hug and a snuggle.  And of course, because I have a noodle-spine, I allow it!

And he is still pants-less.

Oh lord, give me strength to deal with this boy.  I clearly have no idea what I am doing.


Apraxia Mom said...

Ah, yes! The terrible two's! My daughter never went thru them, but is in them now (age 6!!!). And my son...Lord give me strength! I swear he is the poster-child for the TT's!

Hang in there. Or drink wine! LOL!

Will's Mom said...

I hope today went better for you and maybe some pants were worn. I never turn down hugs and snuggles, especially when I am frustrated with Will. It seems the least I can do to sooth him and me, is hugging back.


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