Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pride (In the Name of Love)

Pride.  Get it??
We had a big event at our house tonight.


J-man pooped on the potty chair.  Now, I need to explain:  he was fully clothed, with a diaper on, when this momentous event occurred.  Also, I have no idea if he really knew what he was doing.... I mean, did he know that he was pooping while on the potty?  Or was it an 'accidental poop'?  No idea.

But here is the kicker...and for me.....the REAL BIG EVENT for the night. You see, I missed this big event, but walked in the house about 30 seconds later to Daddy and J-man at the door, big giggly smiles on their faces and the aroma of the event in the air.  Daddy revealed the excitement, and J-man was giggly, shyly looking at me.  Of course, I was super excited and lavished all kinds of praise.

And J-man looked PROUD.

I have seen J-man look proud and self-satisfied, like when he finishes a puzzle or some kind of hard task.  But I have often felt that he could care less about pleasing me.  I mean, he doesn't like it when I am unhappy, but never seemed to work for my approval.  And tonight, for the first time I can really remember, J-man seemed happy and proud that I was pleased with him.



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pixiemama said...

Wow! Happy Mother's Day!


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