Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ice Cream Monster

Your love is better than ice cream
Better than anything else that I’ve tried
And your love is better than ice cream
Everyone here knows how to fight
-Sarah McLachlan

I have created an Ice Cream Monster.

It started out so simply. Find something motivating and encourage language through that. Reward communication attempts by giving him what he asks for. Keep it simple, keep it natural, keep it real. So when J-man showed his love of ice cream cones, and his willingness to try to talk for said cones, I thought "hey, how could this be bad?"

Can I blame a severe speech delay for my son's future obesity? And possible rickets?

It's ice cream in the morning.

It's ice cream in the evening.

It's ice cream all night long.

For example, last night's journey from the living room to the kitchen. After bath, J-man got excited: Ice cream awaits! He drug me off to the kitchen, pulled my hand to the light switch and said 'liii". On goes the light, and off we go to the fridge. Hand placed on fridge and the request came, unbidden: "Iiiieee Eeem".

"Ice cream cone? " I asked.

A scream of joy erupts from his little body.

And the little tiny cone is made (Note: we have these teeny-tiny cones, which results in a little scoop of ice cream. We are trying to avoid massive amounts of ice cream. Trying...)

And we go through this crazy play over and over again.

By Cone #4, I decide enough is enough. No more "Iiiieee Eeemm", I say. J-man shakes his head, yells, takes my hand over and over and places in on the fridge.

"No," I shake my head sadly, "All done Ice Cream".

J-man yells louder, grabs my hand and makes my fingers curl into a fist. He then takes my hand and shoves it into my face, moving it back and forth.

He is making me do the sign for ice cream.

Clever bugger.

Yeah, he got another one. No doubt massive tooth decay and Husky jeans are in our future.


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