Monday, October 18, 2010

I Need More Mercy

Well, I still really can't talk about IT.  I will, someday. 

But we did have a Big Meeting.  A five hour Big Meeting. In all fairness, there was a lunch and pee break in there, so it was probably only four hours.  And some things were ironed out, discussed, and hopefully put on the good path of righteousness and virtue.  Clearly, communication on both ends has been less than ideal (Us included.  Hey, I own my sh*t).  Cautiously optimistic and hopeful am I.  The ultimate decision, however, was.... and hold on to your hats.....drum roll please....  we need to have another meeting! 


It's okay, in a way.  It needs to happen.  But given the ulcer-inducing level of stress this has been over the last few weeks, I am sure this will take 10 years off my life.  Seriously, while one can live on four hours of sleep at night (damn insomnia) and it is great to lose 7 pounds in a two week period (related to stress-induced nausea), I am not sure my creaky, aging body can handle much more. 

I used to be cute.  I guess J-man is going to have to be cute for the both of us. 

The only thing that kept me remotely sane (aside from J-man, my hubby, and the great lot of you who have emailed, called, or personally given me support... you rock my world, people!) was my re-reading of the Mercy Thompson series.  I just can't help it, that vampire fighting, coyote-shapeshifting girl mechanic with her werewolf-love-triangle just hits me right here. It is this awful guilty pleasure... like confessing you like Barry Manilow or that you eat cold SpaghettiOs out of the can.  I do read literature. I do.  But there is nothing like the cavity-inducing brain candy of the Mercy books to make me forget my troubles and get lost in the trials of having hot werewolf men chase after you (in a good way) while battling vampire demons or fairy queens or whatnot. 

I re-read all five books.

And now they are all done, and I need more Mercy. 

So dear Ms Briggs, if you are reading this, please hurry.  My sanity depends upon you.


Cheryl D. said...

I hope things work out the way you want them to!

KWombles said...

Hope it all works out and that the stress lets off. In the meantime, have you read the Sookie novels?

Niksmom said...

Hoping the stress alleviates. It sure seems the wheeels of progrss grind veeeerrrry slowly when it comes to school. (We're facing our own, less contentious, version of the same dance right now. GAH!)

Sending good thoughts of deliciously frivolous literature for you to devour. I am not afraid to confess, this is why I adore Regency-era romances. Utterly useless fluff but they always end well and are amusing. A nice change of pace from my daily life!

MommyP said...

Hang in there, Pia, and keep fighting the good fight for your handsome guy. He inspires me, truly, as do you. I take a lot of what I read in your blog and try to apply it to my little speech delayed man, and it works! Thank you for that.

Oh, and I agree with PP - you should totally try the Sookie books. Easy reads, and just a little trashy!

Cathy said...

Check out Karen Marie Moning. She writes the Fae and Highlander series. Great brain-rotting capabilites. :)


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