Monday, October 4, 2010

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program...

I can't talk about it.  You know, IT.

 I really want to talk about IT.  I really do.  But for now, I cannot say much.  I can say there will be another meeting.  A meeting with more people, the same people and different people. Important People.  And until that meeting, it would be unwise to talk about IT here.  You know, just in case They are reading this.  And They might be...  who knows, maybe They are trying to learn more about Us.  About who we are.  About how far we will go.  And if I talk about IT here, They will know that we will go all the way, as far as we need to, because our son is worth it. 

So, of course, I can't talk about IT.

Instead, I might talk about how we have started re-examining our committment to the public school system.  How this system is appearing to be more and more broken.  How we fear for our son in a system that fails to protect their children, their students, and may fail to do the right thing (yep, that's our district!  Seriously, people, there is NEVER an excuse for this type of hateful behavior; I don't care what your beliefs are.  Teaching compassion anyone??)

But I think I will just close here with two pictures of the J-man, because he is cute and full of promise.

I am coming out of my shell!


Niksmom said...

Sending good thoughts your way. And those photos? A-DORABLE!!! He IS full of promise; don't let the nay-sayers take that away.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the picture of JMan in the shell! It's priceless! Hoping everything goes well for you.

lamontg said...

I just wanted to say thank you for your blog posts! I am a student studying early childhood education and all of your blogs really touch me. Your son is very lucky to have such a wonderful mother who advocates for him. Keep doing what you are doing. :)


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