Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sharing a Cookie

One of J-man's all time favorite foods ever are cookies.  Specifically, chocolate chip cookies (preferably straight from the oven).

One of my all time favorite foods ever are cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies... straight from the oven...

So here we are, J-man sharing a cookie with me.  You will hear him right at the beginning ask for (and sign) the cookie, which has just arrived at our table for an after-meal treat.  (Sorry for the awful videography)

Clearly, as this video shows, I need to get on Weight Watchers.  But I am so proud of my J-man, sharing his favorite cookie, however little the amount!

1 comment:

Niksmom said...

How adorable! He and my Nik wold get along long as there are plenty of cookies to go around! LOL


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