Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Birthmas Present

I turn 40 on Wednesday. 




Anyhow, the greatest Hubby in the world and the greatest Grandma-Mumu  & Grandpa-Papa in the world got together and got me the coolest gift ever!

Yes, my very own iPad!

I had a hard week so they revealed it a little early.  I have been jonesing for an iPad for quite a while.  It just has so many cool features that we can totally use around here... surf the web from the couch, watch movies on a long car ride, play games, etc etc.  Yes, it is a toy.  But, to be honest, I don't have a lot of toys. Also, the iPad also offers A LOT for kids with special needs like my little J-man.  Shannon Des Roches Rosa and Robert Rummel-Hudson offer a great commentary on the impact of the iPad for kids with special needs.

So it is a toy I can feel pretty good about all around.  It is for me AND the J-man.  Guilt assuaged.

That is, if he could figure out how to use it..... Hmmmmm

J-man has shown limited interest in the computer up until now.  Recently he discovered the joys of YouTube, but just enjoyed watching and didn't show interest in trying to use the computer in any other way.  The idea of the mouse alluded him.  He just wasn't ready which is ok because he is only three and a half.

But what about the iPad? 

Allow me to present J-man's iPad skills. 

Game One:  My First Word

In this game, he moves jumbled letters on top of each letter in the word.  When the word is done, the graphic of the word "dances"

Game Two:  Talking Santa

A pure game.  You hit buttons to have Santa do different things (or have things happen to Santa).  Try to ignore the sociopathic joy he gets from assaulting Santa with a snowball, and notice how he follows my directions and shows shared enjoyment. 

At this point I have owned it about 12 hours. 

J-man's time to learn it:  5 minutes.


Sky said...

Happy Birthday, Ill be turning 40 on the 31st, the Ipad is awesome, Sky got one for his 5th birthday and that things amazes me every day with what he can on it how with how much fun he has.

Niksmom said...

That is all kinds of awesome! Happy birthday! (Hey, it only gets better after 40, trust me! At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

The iPad has been a complete life-changing experieince for us. Nik figured it out relatively quickly and is now navigating his way around his favorite youtube videos and spelling games. His level of engagement if nothing short of amazing to me.

Lynn said...

Happy big 4-0! Seems like everyone is getting in on the iPad thing for either their bday or Christmas. I only have an iPhone, but if that's any indication, you should see lots of sociopathic activity the more games that you download!


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