Saturday, March 12, 2011

Just for Fun

J-man and I had a little playtime today and made up our own version of bowling. 

I don't think Superboy, Astroboy, giant Gorilla-man, and the Transformers minded.... Much!


Casdok said...

Looks like fun!

James said...

Pia, Creative way to bowl with super heros.
I am sure you have more samples.

In aresponse to this one, I would go a next step and:

1.make sure you do the bowling too so you can model what to do and say to him.
2. Wait a little longer so he sses his role as talking as well as bowling.
3.3. Have him a little closer so he has easy wins, then move him back more.
4. take a break and talk with each other through one each of the heros.

I know childrne who have long conversations through people toys.

Hope you do not mind the comments; they are for everyone.
Thanks for the video.

Pia said...

Thank you so much Dr Jim!!! Excellent, I will take up your suggestions for sure!



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