Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Manipulation, thy name is J-man

Tonight, like most nights, I put J-man down for bed. 

I crawled in with him and read him two stories.  Okay, in truth, it was the same story twice:  Going Bananas (a Super Friends book).  But only because he wanted it twice.  Now, J-man has developed this quirky habit of bringing one of his toys (or sometimes several of them) to bed with him.  And not the plush, snugly kind.  Nope... hard toys like airplanes, evil robots, or pirate boats.  Tonight was no exception, with his large WWII Imaginix warplane in hand.  After the second reading of Going Bananas, I promptly declared "nigh-night" and turned the light off.  Most nights I lay with him for a while to get him settled.

And (as is his new habit) J-man promptly grabbed my hand, lead it toward the light, and said "Light on?!"

"No no... light off.  Nigh-night", I replied (as I do every night).

We do this a few times and then he quiets down and (I believe) starts to fall asleep.  Ten minutes go by, and just as I am about to leave, J-man turns over, grabs my hand again and says "Tory??"

'Tory?'  I wonder.  What the heck is he talking about?  He repeats it several times and leads my hand (again) to the light.  And suddenly it dawns on me:  Story! 

Are you telling me he is asking for another story???  Are you serious??  So I turned the light on and said "Do you want another story???"  He said 'tory" again and I picked up another book and started to read (this time, Thomas the Tank Engine)...

... and I was promptly ignored as he started to play with his airplane.


The little bugger KNEW that if he asked for another story I would turn the light on.  Manipulative little bugger!  Clever, too.

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Jayne said...

Mine own Aspie Teen used to (still does) needs to play with a toy while he is absorbing a story or something from the idiot box - it's like it's quietening one part of his brain and letting the other part concentrate on the story :)


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