Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Owe You...

... a blogpost.  I have been tardy, meaning to write many times but just not having the time to be witty and articulate and interesting.  Not that I am that any other time....  but I can't even fake it right now.

So instead, I will just grace you with some pictures of the J-man.

He is resourceful.

He made me slide down this too.  Oh yes, he did.

He really needs to learn how the ride a trike

This might be ther first time he has ever said 'cheeeese' to a camera
 A little side note on the whole "he needs to learn how to ride a trike" caption. 

J-man can't ride a trike yet.  He doesn't have the motor planning skills to coordinate peddling.  Yesterday I saw our neighbor with his little boy who is the same age as J-man ...

(and whom, by the way, never ever talk to us for no apparent reason whatsoever...  ok, maybe it is because of this moment)...

... riding a two-wheeler.  A bike! 

Sometimes I just wanna beat someone's a**, ya know?

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