Sunday, June 5, 2011

Some Things Are Not DIY

J-man hates to have his hair cut.


Usually it involves crying and tears and sobs and a nervous hairdresser doing a scissor cut.  No clippers, thank you very much.  So I tend to put it off...

...and off.... and off....

And this time we decided that maybe we could just try and do a buzz cut with the clippers at home.  Maybe, just maybe, having Mommy and Daddy doing it in the comfort of his own home might work for the J-man. 

Again, as so many times before, Mommy was so, so wrong.

How Bad It Got :

Just call me Shaggy

And Our First Attempt (before he freaked)

Our very sad asymmetrical back buzz cut

Because we know when we are licked.... and when we don't have a clue what we are doing... we decided that the professionals could earn their money (and a hefty tip) to fix our screw-up and deal with our little J-man.  And let me just say... thank goodness she went SHORT.

A little more of a short-and-tight look
Note to self.....some things to never DIY:

           1. Heart Surgery
           2. Dental Work
           3. Cutting J-man's Hair


suelmayer said...

Oh Pia, I was right there with you. Sam hates hair cuts and as he got bigger and stronger and louder we gave up on getting his hair cut at a salon. There wasn't a big enough tip to make that happen. Soooo....we brought it back home again but this time I purchased a Flowbee,, yep they still make those. They used to sell them on TV, you hook it up to your vacuum and cut away. Sam still doesn't like hair cuts but he tolerates the Flowbee the best because the hair doesn't fall on him, he can yell as much as he wants in the privacy of our home and it is quick. I dream of someday returning to the salon.

Allison said...


I just wanted to say how beautifully written your posts are. As the mother of a 5 year old nonverbal autistic son I do relate. Even down to the haircuts. I DREAD hair cuts! Oh yeah and nail clipping. If you get a moment please check out my blog about Connor at


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