Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Puppy Love

Here is a sentence I never ever really thought I would say:

I want a dog. 

It isn't that I am not a 'dog person'.  I like dogs.  But I never really thought I would actually 'desire' a dog.  But I do.  I want a dog. Really! There are many reasons I want a dog (the snuggle factor, man's best friend, the unconditional love, substitute baby factor, etc etc), but one central reason is that I have seen how J-man reacts with a dog. 

We had a Pet Day at J-man's program the last week.  There were assist dogs there, as well as other people's family pets.  J-man has always shown some interest in dogs from a distance, but up close and personal?  Well, he got a little scared.  So we went to Pet Day thinking that exposing him to some dogs in a controlled setting might help. 

Puuuppppy  Luuucy!
 J-man loved it!  He especially fell in love with the little lady named Lucy.  Puppy Lucy, Puppy Lucy.  J-man squealed, giggled, and (playfully) chased after the dog.  He adored it when Puppy Lucy gave him 'kisses" and then proceeded to make puckered 'smack smack' noises to her to try and get more.  He cried and cried when we went home.

"Puppppppy  Luuuuucccyy"

Now he brings his stuffed dog everywhere.  And I mean everywhere... to therapy, to Target, etc.  He makes it give him 'kisses'.  He sleeps with it.  And when he was with Puppy Lucy he was soooo engaged.  My gut just says that he would do great with the right dog.

But I am the only one.  Big Daddy says no.  Mumu thinks it is a bad idea. 

Dogs are "too much work", apparently.

I am bumming because I just think it would be great and I wish I could get the others on board.  But hey... I also don't want to be the only one excited about it.  And it appears that if I went out and got a dog, I would be the only one happy about it. 

Except J-man.  I think he would be thrilled!


The Henrys said...

Okay, I have strong feelings about this. In the past, we hadn't had much luck with dogs. The most recent one was about a year ago and it turned into a sad nightmare that left my son with a broken heart.

However, this past April, my son got a dog for his birthday. It was a gift from his grandma, which I reluctantly agreed to.

She is the best thing I ever agreed to. This puppy has added so much to our lives and I am thankful everyday that we did it. We have had so much fun playing with her and have truly fallen in love with her.

My daughter with special needs loves this dog. She has now started to put her face down by the dog's face and let the dog lick her all over her face. I never thought she would do something like that. She wants the dog to go with her everywhere, even to the bathroom.

Also, the dog has become attached to all of us too. She follows us everywhere and is protective of Gracie when she is with her respite workers.

I think getting a young puppy was better for us than getting an older dog. We are still potty training the dog and there have been moments when I thought I must have been crazy to agree to this, but mostly I am so in love with this dog that I am thankful we got her.

Never in a million years did I think this would work out for us, and that I would feel this way about a dog.

The Henrys said...

Here is a link to a post I wrote in early July about our puppy.

Pia said...

You speak to my gut feelings!!!!

Michelle said...

What if you talked your hubby into a trial period? Then once he sees how J-man interacts with the dog he might agree! I think your gut is right. We are also thinking about a dog but we live in a townhouse with no backyard so it's a no for now. I really hope the others get on board for J-man's sake!


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