Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Okay, now, this just isn't FAIR!


Are you fricken kidding me???

I took J-man to the pediatric opthamologist today.  His vision is perfect.  PERFECT!  But... of course... there is a problem.  His right eye turns in when he looks at things in close range.  The doctor said that if that isn't corrected, he will lose vision in that right eye over time.

Great.  Just fricken great!

Apparently the fix is glasses.  Or surgery.  And clearly, glasses are the first choice for the doctor.

I am not so sure.

Let me just say upfront that this rather innocuous event has just devastated me.  In the grand scheme of things, this isn't that big of a deal.  Right?  Right??  But it feels very 'salt in the wound'-like. I mean, come on.... can't we catch a break on something??? Of course, I reflect back on the trauma of my own glasses-filled childhood....

Circa 1989
No wonder I couldn't get a date.

... and I think about my baby boy's beautiful eyes behind glasses and wanna weep...

Can you imagine glasses
covering these baby blues??

But what I think has me most....twisted up... is HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO GET HIM TO WEAR GLASSES?????  Cripes, I can't get him to sit... fully clothed... on a potty chair.  I can't get him to try any new food, ever.  I can't help him brush his teeth. 

So how am I suppose to get him to wear glasses????


Niksmom said...

Aw, chin up; it's not so bad. Look at it as protection. My son has had glasses since he was 18 months old. Some tips: Start in 5-10 min increments and pair it with a preferred/engrossing/FUN activity, preferrably one which will keep hands occupied. Do this once every 60-90 mins daily for a few days. As he tolerates them, increase the time in 5 min increments until you are up to 30 min at a time. Then, try 40min every hour.

Next tip: for the first pair or two, get the miraflex frames that he can't destroy. They aren't as expensive as ones with "memory metal" and can take the punishment he will likely mete out.

Another tip: Until he is wearing them full time completely cooperatively, don't leave glasses on in the car. Or, if you do, expect mangled frames. That was Nik's favorite time to snap his frames in two at the bridge of the nose.

You'll be amazed at how utterly adorable he will be in his glasses! :-) GOOD LUCK!

Pia said...

EXCELLENT, now THIS is advice I can use!!! THANK YOU NIKSMOM!

When I mentioned the concerns about him wearing the glasses, the doctor said that if he isn't wearing them in a couple of weeks she would prescribe eye drops for 3 days that (get this) screw up his vision so that then when the glasses are on he can see. So, basically, my "dont touch my face" child is going to have eye drops forced on him that make him see crappy to trick him into wearing glasses?!?! Anyone else see anything wrong with this??

I am going to chat with his teachers today and (hopefully) get a plan to coordinate all this there.

Anonymous said...

We have traveled this road. WE got the whole "lazy eye" diagnosis when Kate was 12 months old. WE did the glasses, patching, drops, more glasses...and eventually two surgeries to correct the alignment. The thought of that lazy eye "turning off" and her not having vision in that eye made me sick. Most kids need one, possibly two surgeries to correct. On the bright side, you have a great doc who caught it early and saved the vision! Props to you and your doc! Hang in there! I've blogged about both of our surgeries...if I could find the link I'd send them. The most recent was on June 3, 2011.

You need a hug.....((HUG)).

Now this makes me wonder: why is it that kiddos with speech issues like apraxia have eye issues, too?

Hang in there and keep your chin up! Oh, and tell him that "cool kids" wear glasses...and he is one of the coolest!


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