Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing Dolly

I am happy to announce the newest member of our family:  Miss Dolly!

Miss Dolly is a seven year old King Charles Cavalier that my friend's friend was breeding, and she decided that Miss Dolly needed to go into retirement and have a chance at the good life.  It only took a little begging and pleading for Big Daddy to come around.  And now I think he is loving her...

She needs a bath.  And a haircut.  But she is sweet as pie, and tolerates the absolute hysterical excitement J-man had when he met her.  Miss Dolly is going to be awesome for him, I can tell already. 

Oh, and have you ever heard of debarking?  That is when the cut away a portion of the vocal cords to soften or eliminate the dog's bark.  I had never heard it before.... it sounds barbaric.... but the previous owner (prior to the breeder we got her from) had her debarked.  I must admit I am a little horrified.  She has the softest squeak.  And don't think that I don't miss the irony that my apraxic, verbally challenged son's dog has no voice.  In a way, it may be a match made in heaven.

On another note:  J-man peed on the potty today!  Details coming in my next post....


The Henrys said...

You did it!! Yeah!

She is adorable. Congrats on the new family member!

Christina Jimenez said...

Oh wow, you really got a dog! Congrats!


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