Sunday, August 28, 2011

Potty Weekend (Day Two)

And finally... the end of Potty Weekend...

Maybe not an Epic Fail, but certainly not the Potty Miracle that I was hoping for.  Of course, given how we do things around here, I should have known it would be the Hard Way.

So what went well?  I can honestly say that... by the end of the weekend... we have accomplished the following:
       J-man willingly sits on the potty for extended periods of time.  Think 30 minutes or longer. 
       J-man will go sit when prompted.
       J-man has learned how to recognize when he is wet, and has on two occasions shown me and then went to sit on the potty afterwards.
       J-man has learned to like big boy underwear.

And what didn't?
       J-man never actually peed on the potty.  Indeed, he seemed to deliberately hold off until about 5-10 minutes after he was off the pot to then relieve himself.  At one time I noticed J-man doing the potty dance and I tried to get him to go sit on the potty.  He yelled no no no and then ran away.  Five minutes later, he'd had an accident... and proceeded (on his own) to go sit on the potty after the fact.  Clearly he is missing the point.

So what now?  Not exactly sure.  Do I keep up the same intensity or ease up and decide he is not ready?  He isn't fighting it, but.... I am exhausted.  

So, mommas and papas.... thoughts?????


PhantomDieter said...

Its fustrating, I know. How old is your little man, and is it possible he's not quite ready? have you tried encouraging sucess with a few ounces of water a couple of times an hour?

Pia said...

Jman is 4.5 yrs old, and I think he IS ready... he just doesn't quite get the connection yet. I think he will get there, but boy oh boy.... we will keep on and keep it upbeat.

Allison said...

I remember thinking when Connor was five that he would never be potty trained. We went about the same route you did with the same results. One day at school he just seemed to get it. It wore us down but in the end, persistance won out. Now if only I could get him to flush!


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