Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Big Fat Potty Weekend

Day One of our Big Fat Potty Weekend

Mommy : 0
J-man : #1 and #2
Winner:  Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaner

For the longest time, J-man refused... I mean had ZERO willingness... to even sit on the potty.  And so we haven't pushed it.  And then, about a month ago, he started to show a little interest.  He started to be willing to sit... first for 10 seconds, then for minutes, and even started doing it at his program.  Two to three time a day we were able to have him sit and try.  And then, on the day we got Dolly, he peed on the potty for the first time.  Alas, it was at school, so I couldn't have the out and out freak-out party that I wanted to have for him.  With presents and rewards galore.

Oh well.

So given these successes, I decided that this weekend we would kick it up a notch.

Away went the diapers.  No pull-ups.  Big boy undies only! 

Trips to the potty every hour at least.

Rewards for sitting on the potty.

BIG rewards waiting for the BIG moment.... and waiting... and still waiting...

How can we spend that much time in the bathroom and not even have an accidental pee???

Nope.  He was happy as can be, ring around the derriere, singing songs and reading stories and playing with the numerous Dollar Store toys I bought.  But no potty business..... until about 10 minutes after getting up and then BAM... we are changing clothes.  And cleaning the carpet.

It's okay, though.  We will try it again tomorrow and see what happens.  So far J-man is having fun with it (related to the treats and toys no doubt) and who knows... maybe something will click.

Pray for us. Or at least me. PLEASE.

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