Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little spooky...

My analytical side does not believe in fate. It does not believe that God micromanages our lives.  It believes that we have free will, and that events that happen in our lives that seem like fate are really just freakish coincidence.   I am rational, logical, intellectual, and not persuaded by fantastical talk.

And then, there is my other side... my secret side.  This side believes in fate, in a guiding hand of God, in Santa Clause and in the idea that "there are no accidents".

This side looks back on my life and sees some crazy acts of fate.  The way my husband and I met (long story).  The fact that I have this wealth of previous experience and education in the area of early child development and autism, which in many ways primed me to be aware of Jonathan's issues early on instead of catching it later. 

And now, another example of the crazy hand of fate.

In April, 2008, Jonathan was just starting to be evaluated.  The school district hadn't yet started to test him, speech therapy had just started to get involved, and we were waiting on an appointment at Children's Hospital.  Anxiety was high.

One night I was watching the local evening news and saw a story celebrating a "Top Teacher".  Only half watching, I keyed in when the story explained that this teacher worked closely with young children who had autism.  Obviously, given my fears at the time, this caught my attention.  I distinctly remember thinking "If needed, I wonder how we would get Jonathan in her class in the future".

Time passed, and when we expressed concerns about our first teacher, the district very kindly assigned us a new teacher, Ms Kristin. And we have been massively impressed with her ever since... her knowledge, her sensitivity, her willingness to work with us and Jonathan, her observational ability.... I could go on and on.   We sorta felt that the district must have given us their best, given the fact we bitched.

And... strangely... she felt familiar.

Today, something sparked my memory about that news story.  A little Google search later and...

Ms. Kristin is the exact same teacher. THAT is a little spooky...

Of course, they were completely right, Ms. Kristin.  You are a Top Teacher!

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