Monday, June 21, 2010

Buzz and Woody: Quite a Combination

So J-man has a new obsession.  He has fallen in love with Toy Story.  Or better yet, Toy Story 2.  Buzz and Woody are his new best friends.  I got him the dolls at Target, and he loves them.  Buzz flies.  Woody rides his horse.  And his play is beautiful...  so very, very appropriate!!!

Anyway, because of his new obsession, we watch a lot of Toy Story 2.  A LOT.  I managed to catch this video of him watching it.  If you listen closely, you will hear him trying to sign along.  Honestly, this video makes me cry  (in a good way). 

Obviously, it is only the bits and pieces of words, but I am still amazed when I see him trying.  And in this case, it is purely for the joy of it.  Certainly not to please me (although it does).  And certainly not to get something.  But just because he wants to. 

That's important, people.  Very very important.


Will's Mom said...

What a little cutie! Could have a singer on your hands.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! One thing the Camarata's will tell you (like you haven't Googled all this a million times, ha) is that if your child is trying to communicate with you (verbal or not), they are not Autistic. Autistic children very rarely initiate communication...


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