Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Here is a little video of the J-man doing some 'talking'.  He is playing with his new game 'Zingo'...  bingo with a twist, I suppose.  He likes matching the pictures and making the chip machine go. 


Kj said...

ps when you ask "you wanna put them back?" and he says, "no" I think he taking your question literally in that he thinks you want him to put the whole game away, not just the discs in the dispenser -- which is totally age appropriate and not a language issue ;-)

Kj said...
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Kj said...

Ack... think I lost my original response and I can't remember all the details I posted :-(

I know I started with admiring what a cutie J-man is :-) I think J-man has a great range of different vocal sounds which is really promising and I think he's mimicking you a lot too. Go back to when he first picks up the keys. You mention something that he starts to mimic but you speak too soon to hear his full attempt -- it so hard to wait quietly and give them time to respond all the time. You do it so well in other parts of the video clip.

Compared to my son who was dx w/ MERLD by the C.'s just shy of his 3rd b.day, I'd put my money on J-man having an expressive language disorder with immature phonology. I really think J-man can understands a great deal of his world and what you are saying to him -- better than what I think my son could/can at least. Of course I've only seen a short film of him so I am making HUGE generalizations here. One things for sure, you son is NOT autistic. No Way. He's far too friendly, social, and interactive.

Apraxia Mom said...

Love that game! We use it for a speech tool at home. Kids think they are playing Bingo, but Mom has a different motive!


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