Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We Interupt This Irregularly Scheduled Freakout....

...for a quick video!

You know you missed the J-man in all his glory! 

Ok, here is the back story:  J-man has taken to imitating TV and movies.  Instead of allowing him to do this alone, we are full-bore into playing with him in this medium.  Heck, if you can't beat'm, join them.  So here he is watching Aladdin.  For a time he wanted us to fly him around on our arms like he was Superman during the flying carpet scenes.  However, now, Daddy has developed a new flying carpet routine. 

Watch the fun:

I think he is doing a pretty kick-ass job of communicating.  What do you think?


Rachel said...

He has the most adorable giggle ever. I wish you could bottle that kind of joy!

Kathy said...

Wow. I would take that over an irregularly scheduled freakout any day.

Lynn said...

That is too cute. He sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Fly!! :D That is awesome! And yeah, pretty darn good job with the communication, too.

I gotta tell you- we were having a real rough morning at our house, and when it finally got quiet, I sat down to read. Your video made me giggle with joy and actually start to breathe again. Thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That is so gorgeous and looks like so much fun! I agree those communication skills are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.


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