Monday, November 8, 2010

Bathtime Is Playtime

WARNING:  Three year old boy in bathtub.  No 'naughty parts' seen, but if you are a perv who gets off on watching a three year old in a bathtub, bugger off.

I just had to post this short video of J-man in the bathtub.  We are playing "the lion is chasing Buzz and Woody".  (You might wanna turn your sound down just a tinge, because it is very echo-y.  And my voice is obnoxious.)

Now, this is a pretty good example of the CP approach, and yet I fail miserably in one area:  Matching.  Clearly, I am overtalking him.  I really should have minimized my words and word combinations a lot more.   But he is keeping up with the action okay.  This is the first great example I could get of where he is at in his pretend and interactive play.  This is pretty typical for us... he can take it out one or two ideas, but it sort of stalls there.  But, given we had NO pretend play three months ago, I call it a win. 

The other part I love is how much he is watching my face for my reaction.  He is really enjoying my over-reaction to the lion.  And did you notice how he wanted to keep it going by telling me to have the dolls go "that-a-way".  Pretty darn cool. 

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Cheryl D. said...

Very cool! It's amazing how much things can change in 3 months!


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