Monday, November 22, 2010


A scene from our day:

J-man brings me his coat and thrusts it into my hands. Now, when J-man brings me his coat that generally means he is bored and wants to go somewhere. 

So I said,  "You want to go?"

He said, "Goooo.   Caar!"  He signed it, just to make sure I got it.

I said "Okay, we can go. Where?"

J-man remained silent as he put his coat on.  I told him to get his shoes and socks, which he did.  As I was putting them on I asked him again, "Where go?"

He just looked at me and smiled. 

"Go Ice Cream?"I said. (This is the usual place we go when we need to Go)

"Nooooo" said J-man.

"Go park?", I said. (Oh please oh please please, not the park.  It is 20 degrees outside.)

"Nooooo", he said again, emphatically, with a slightly annoyed look on his face.  Really, Mommy, the park?  It is 20 degrees outside.

And then it dawned on me. 

"Target?"  I said.

"Ar-get??  Arr-get!!", he crowed.

"You want Toys?" I asked.

"Oys Oys Oys!!!" he exclaimed, grinning ear to ear.  Bouncing up and down. Fully satisfied at his ability to make his wishes known.

And off we went to Target.  When we arrived and settled with cart in hand, I asked, "Where go?"

"Tataway", he pointed emphatically toward the general area of the Toy aisle.  We meandered 'tataway'.  I took a (purposeful) wrong turn.  He grabs my hand and points again, "Go tataway!!  Oys!!".

I may have lost my way a few more times (ahem), but we eventually made it to the Toy aisle.  J-man directs me from lane to lane, carefully examining the toys.    I said "Small toy buddy", hoping it means something to him because let's face it, I don't wanna spend $50 on the Imaginex Dragon Castle, even though I know he has eyed it before.  But lucky for Mommy's pocketbook, he was content with a Playmobile Knight. 

And this scene, dear readers, would have never ever ever happened a few months ago.

Every few months I have this uncanny ability to totally panic.  It occurs to me that we aren't doing enough, or the right things, or enough of the right things.  I make calls.  I peruse the Internet examining my options for therapies or new techniques or some other new information that might help.  I worry and sweat and get myself all twisted up. 

And then J-man sets me back on course.



Sky said...

sounds like the perfect day!!!!

John and Allie Fields said...

I am so glad I have found this blog! I have a 20 month old severe speech issues. Right now he's diagnosed as Expressive Receptive Language Disorder and SPD but until he's older we won't know for sure if there is something else going on. I have struggled to find blogs or groups related to speech disorders so finding yours is the highlight of my day! I can't wait to read more.

Allie from


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