Sunday, November 14, 2010

SNBH Question of the Week

So, I have decided to join the fun with the Special Needs Blog Hop Question of the Week.  I have never done this before, so be gentle with me...


The Question:  Tell us a funny memory involving your child.

I am going to share two.  The first happened this summer.  I am not sure why this memory strikes me, but it is a great memory.  Our friends were visiting from out of state, and we were celebrating a birthday of one of their kids.  The whole group of us (house of 9 people!) were sitting around the table having birthday cake.  I wasn't sure if J-man would eat it.... he has issues with new food, even if it is yummy stuff like cake.  He has trust issues.  So, we gave him a small piece and figured what will be will be. 

Good food and good conversation were flowing  and to be honest, I was paying very little attention to J-man.   I would imagine he might have been trying to get my attention in his subtle, non-verbal way.  Or maybe not.  Who knows. 

Anyhoo, we were munching and talking when... out of the blue...  J-man exclaimed "CAKE!" and pointed directly at the cake.  For a split second the table fell completely silent, and I looked at his plate.  His cake was gone.

So, apparently, J-man likes cake.  And wanted more.  And got more, immediately. 

That is my first really clear memory of J-man doing a spontaneous verbal request.  It always makes me smile.

My second memory is really just a fun video from when J-man wasn't even one, and before I knew something was 'developmentally off' (although there was a seed of doubt).  It is right before Christmas, and he is laughing at a video.  I just love the sound of his laugh.

Now, a question for you all. I am curious... who are you? Except you, mom... I know you read. And a handful of my friends... but what about the rest of you? I would love to know who you are. If so inclined, drop me a line and tell me a little of your story.   Or just give a hey-ho in the comments! 


Life as the mother of 4 said...

It is an adorable laugh! It's my first visit to your blog but I'd say I'm a mother, wife, advocate for people with special needs. Memories of anything before kids is a blur. But the present is more important anyway.

blog hop

Me said...

I remember "Cake!!"" And if I we recall he got more right away too :)

Michelle said...

I love reading your blog Pia. I have been following you and J-man for about a year now. When I read your story from the beginning I found it eerily similar to my story with my oldest son who is now 3. I love to hear about J-man's success because it gives me hope for my little guy! Thanks for your wonderful writing :)

Cindy said...

I'm a little late on this post, I know. Just found your blog from another one that I read. Your boy & my Noah are SO similar. You can read some of our history on my woefully under-updated blog. We're still on our search for answers with him, 2 1/2 years after starting this journey (he's 4 1/2 now). We're somewhere in the Autism, SPD, ADHD universe, but not sure exactly where we fit. Hopefully soon we'll get answers. Just wanted to share & introduce myself. :) I can't wait to read more. J-Man is such a cute little guy!


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