Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Ok, the day after.  But I have to tell you all about our Halloween night. 

So, as noted in the previous post, J-man had a choice between being Superman or Spiderman.  Now these options were picked by me because a) they were easy, b) they were cute, and c) they were easy.  I knew that J-man didn't really get the concept of Halloween, so I figured he wouldn't care.

Oh silly Mommy, how wrong you are.

The day before Halloween, we made a trek to Target for Halloween candy...thus guaranteeing that it would only be in my house for 24 hours before the big event and decreasing the likelihood of it ending up on my thighs (I failed, by the way.).  Once there, J-man took charge, commanding me to go "Tat Way" until I wove my way to the costume area.  Amongst the sea of sadly picked-over costumes, J-man found his Holy Grail:

Dash from The Incredibles

So, we were set for the Big Event.  Our neighborhood is CRAZY for Trick-or-Treating.  Some family several blocks away runs a hayride through the neighborhood, bringing kids from one area to another.  There can be 10+ kids on a trailer and as they arrive at our circle, they swarm like angry bees, running from one house to the next.  The neighbors go crazy with the decorations, from cute to spooky.  It is a Big Event here. 

Frankly, I didn't know how this would go.  He woke up from a late nap in a foul mood, which didn't bode well for the festivities.  But we donned the Dash costume and headed out, fully expecting to do maybe three houses before he had enough.

Oh silly Mommy...

He LOVED it.  The first house was a bit scary because he had no idea what was going on.  There were kids everywhere dressed in costumes and running around, and he was a little intimidated.  But he really caught on quickly to what to do:  Ring the doorbell, hold out your bucket, and say Trick-or-Treat. 

Or as J-man says it:  EEE Ru EEEeee

Which he DID!!  Over and over again!  We must have done 15+ houses before we called it a night.  J-man would have kept going too!  My hubby and I were very pleased, and very surprised.  But I shouldn't have been... 

J-man is going to show us all!

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