Sunday, June 12, 2011

Playing Hookie from IEP Season

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This year, I am missing IEP Season

Actually, I am not exactly missing it.  IEP Season, that is.  I am not missing it AT ALL.

It is like I am suppose to be at an all-day staff meeting with a boss who can either be sweet as pie or a complete prick.  Who cuts my budget.  Wants me to work Saturdays.  And moves my desk into the basement.  And takes my red stapler.

And instead, I took a mental health day.  I called in and am frolicking at the beach.  Or going shopping.  Or doing yard work.  Or having painful dental work.  You know, something better than the anticipatory soul crushing anxiety and emasculating experience of IEP meetings. 

Not that I am bitter or anything.

I know my reprieve is probably short-lived. Unless I homeschool, I am pretty much doomed to have to enter the IEP arena again.  I will have to go back on my meds, endure the stress-induced ulcers and migraine headaches, and pray pray pray that no one breaks my baby boy. 

But until that day comes, I am going to bask in the sun with my son.  Make the decisions that are right for our family... our son... without condescending "we know better than you" attitudes.  Enjoy the company of professionals whose first priority is the J-man... as it should be. 


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Michelle said...

That is awful that IEP meetings are like that. Every time I read postings about school I am crushed a little more each time. I live in Canada where I'm a teacher and my guy is doing early entry in the school for the 2nd year next year.
It makes me so sad to hear that the school doesn't want to listen to your expert advice and always thinks in the negative when it comes to J-man. Are there other choices for schools? Catholic/public/private etc.
I really hope you find something that works for everyone soon. I can't imagine how frustrating that must be to have the school working against you when everyone should be doing what is best for the child.


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