Monday, June 20, 2011

Up North, Ya Know, U Betcha

Itching to get out of town (even for an overnight), J-man and I headed 'up-nordt" to hang out at my parent's cabin. Alas, Big Daddy had to work all weekend, which was a major bummer since it was Father's Day weekend and all. But since he works from home I figured he would rather we be out of his hair... plus a kidless house can be awful nice.

Life is simple "up nordt". As you can see, people in the northland find all kinds of ways to amuse themselves.

Suck it, NYC.
You might have Broadway,
but we have meat raffles!

I know you are jealous.

The highlight of the weekend was going out on the boat. J-man loves the boat. And apparently, J-man loves fishing. This was an unknown until this weekend when we went for a little boat ride and Grandpa started a little fishing. He caught two.

And J-man was in love.

He squealed. He laughed. He wanted to hold the fish. Clean the fish. No really, he took a towel and 'cleaned' them. We let Grandpa do the real dirty work.

J-man has zero... I mean zero... fear of fish.

The next day, Grandpa produced a J-man size fishing pole. J-man is in love with Grandpa now.   J-man was also a bit of a menace. He wanted to "cast" the fishing pole just like Grandpa did. Except there are three really big problems with that. The first was that he does not have the motor coordination down to do a real fishing cast. The second... he has no patience for failure. The third? He will not take direction from anyone. He got the jist of what to do from watching Grandpa, but refused help. So he swung the rod... with a live hook buried in a fake worm... around willy-nilly.

I still have visions of losing an eye.

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