Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cracked Poetry: An Ode to Stress

I am starting a new series:  Cracked Poetry.  Poetry about real life, real things, and real problems.  And it can be really funny too.  No poetry about trees or flowers or fluffy clouds need apply.  But if you want to write a poem about washing the dishes while your toddler tantrums on the kitchen floor, please do.  Please feel free to submit.  It doesn't even need to be good... 

To open the series, here is a poem I wrote last night.  Enjoy.

An Ode to Stress By Pia Prenevost

Stress is my bedfellow
He steals my pillow
And farts under the covers
Laughing as I gag.

Stress is my dinner date
He suggests pasta Alfredo
and cheesecake
Smirks when my jeans are too tight.

Stress is my lover.
He holds me too tight
He takes all my time.
He is jealous of my joy.

My friend says Stress is a dick
But she sleeps with him too.
Stress gets around.
Let's face it...Stress is a whore.

I should kick Stress to the curb
And change the locks.
But he is like a nail fungus
Impossible to get rid of.


(Note:  In no way is Stress 'code' for my hubby.  Just so you know.  My hubby rocks!)


Kj said...

Here's one from me.

I find it hard to understand the words you say,
It does not mean I do not think. It does not mean I do not hear.
It does not mean I cannot learn.
It does not mean I do not hurt.

It means,
You have to talk at my level;
'til I can meet you, at yours.

And when I am big and grown,
My mother will stand tall. Cry. And say,
I told you so, I told you so.

I told you so.

Kj said...

P.s. Wanna zeros yours and pin it to my fridge. Love it.

Pia said...

Excellent!!! And so true!!! Keep the faith, sister!

(pass this on to others!!! We all have a cracked poet in us!)


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