Friday, January 29, 2010

Blogger's Block

Daddy and Boy

Back from vacation for a few days, I have been meaning to write. And I just can't seem to gather my thoughts in any way that makes sense. So I guess I will just write a little update about our trip and try and come up with something cooler later.

Our trip to Arizona was... for the most part....lovely. The weather was freaky. When we arrived they had just had 3 days of rain, which apparently is freakish. After we arrived, it hailed. And was cold for Arizona.... 40's -50's. Then, it got nice, sunny, and in the upper 50's to low 60's. So that meant J-man could run run run. He was happy.

We saw the sun. He was happy.

He had his first ice cream cone. He was very happy.

Very very happy.

This was Daddy's cone for about 2 minutes.

All was well until the last day. Then the sinus infection... which had been brewing... hit him hard and fast. My once cheery, easygoing little man showed me the meaning of a complete meltdown. And lucky us, we were flying home.

Flying with a toddler with a sinus infection. Mommy was not happy.

So, overall, I give the vacation a "B". Illness and rainy weather aside, it was a good time.

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